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If your mind is your reality, and mind is a stream of thoughts, then your state of mind (the thoughts you’re having) is reflected back to you by your reality. Smile, not just with your lips, but with your mind too 🙂


Our fucked up reality

When I watched the film ‘The Matrix’ I remember thinking, ‘ooh, that’s some really crazy shit, so crazy, in fact, that there might be some truth to it.’ We could actually be locked into some made up, computer generated world. Now, years later, I find myself reading an article that says computers will, in the not too distant future, be capable of storing so much information that they’ll have enough space to store every single event that has happened since the big bang. As if that’s not crazy enough, to make things even more bizzar, I find out that this theoretical physicist, Dr James Gates, has found computer code written into the equations we use to describe the cosmos. Now that’s some seriously messed up, mind blowing information.

All of this begs the question, Is this some virtual reality, a computer simulation we’re living in, running on someone’s PC? I mean, computers that are capable of running every imagined senario, EVER. These computers will get to the point where they’re running a program, and the program its self won’t be able to distinguish whether it’s a program or not. Are we all just little programs written into the bigger program of reality? If this is all just one big computer program, you have to wonder how many of these simulations are there? Maybe this reality is a simulation on a computer within another simulation. There could be infinite simulations, all connected through some type of interdimensional internet. We really have no idea, but it is interesting to think about it.

Regardless of what this thing we call reality is, I think we can either spend a lifetime talking in circles, trying to answer these questions, or we can accept that it’s just not possible to ever know. Accepting things this way, as they are, leaves me thinking, ‘we are what we are, life happens, and we can choose to see it in a positive or negative light.’ We can accept that we’re here in this weird reality type thing and we can enjoy our existence or we can spend our entire life finding things to complain about. Personally, I choose a positive reality. What ‘REALITY’ program are you running in your life?

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