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What is reality?

Brilliant video. We really don’t know shit!



It’s amazing how changing the way we think about something can have such powerful and transformative effects on our body and mind. Take this morning for example. I was feeling physically tired, mentally dull, and emotionally drained. But I was able to change all of that in just a few minutes.

All I did was stop, close my eyes and bring my awareness to the world around me. Then, paying attention to the morning breeze, I imagined the air I was breathing to be filled with microscopic bubbles of bright, light. Every breath I took, I imagined filling my body with those tiny bubbles.

When I opened my eyes, a few moments later, it was as if I had entered an entirely new reality. Even though the weather was dull and overcast, everything around me seemed brighter. There was even a subtle luminescence emanating from the dark clouds above me. My body felt energised, my mind clear, and my emotions uplifted. I felt as if the universe had given me a big, loving embrace.

This is the power of belief, a power every warrior should harness and learn to use on his/her inner path.

The above image is from the Hubblesite.

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