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Choose to be YOU


For the morbidly obese man or woman, it’s not inevitable that you’ll continue to gain weight until you die of a heart attack. To the alcoholic, you don’t have to end up in the emergency room having your stomach pumped every night. And to anyone that has ever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You’re wrong. Someone needs to grab you by the shoulders and shake you till you wake up and realise that change is happening, every moment of every day, inside your body and all around you.

We’re changing, our reality is changing, and it’s happening ALL THE TIME. To say that someone can’t change, is a bullshit notion created by a society of people afraid of making their own decisions. But here’s the thing, every one of us is capable of thinking for ourselves, and every one of us is capable of change. We just have to wake up and start taking responsibility for our lives. If you’re overweight, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from making a decision to change your lifestyle in a way that will help you lose weight. If you’re unfit, then choose to get up and exercise. If something in your life needs to change, then change it, just don’t tell me you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, that’s just an excuse, a weak excuse.

The problem, for many of us, is that we listen so much to what other people think, that we become this type of human chameleon, where, depending on what people label us as, we act out the traits of that label. So when your husband is with you, you’re the wife, and when you’re in work you become the chef/carpenter/super model, or what ever it is you do, and so on. If you’re overweight, you become the fat guy or girl. The thing is, and this is important, we don’t have to be the labels other people stick on us. We are totally free to be our selves. That’s the gift that change gives us, the gift of choosing who we are right now, in this moment, and of who we want to be and what direction we want to go in life. When we realise this, we become free, free to be an INDIVIDUAL.

Be your SELF



When someone begins to read what you’ve written, they’re allowing you and your words to change them.

Every time we experience something, we form new synaptic connections in our brain. So every time we read something, write something, listen to the radio, or have a conversation, etc., those experiences rewire and physically change our brain.

We’re in this constant state of change throughout our entire lives, from the moment the brain begins to form, right up until the moment of our death. So what’s important is that we become aware of what we’re interacting with, what kind of things we’re reading, what music we’re listening to, who we’re speaking with, etc., and how all of that stuff effects us. If we’re always listening to depressing, angry music, we’re going to start to develop those synaptic conections in our brain, and that’s going to effect how we act and how we react to the world. Same with reading and interacting with people. If we interact with very negative people, we’re going build negative associations with them. And over time those negative assocaitions spread and become more generalised, where we associate negativity with all people. So we start to think, oh I have to meet some people today, but to do that I have to leave my house and pass other people on the way, the world is such a negative place, I don’t want to meet anyone, I just want to stay at home and be alone. Life is shit. Alternatively, we can interact with nice, friendly, happy people (we choose the people we interact with, to a large degree). So even though we might meet some negative people by chance, we don’t have to spend much time engaging with them, so they have a minimal impact on our synaptic connections and our brain’s rewiring process.

All this brings me to the point of Blogging, or writing anything that’s going to be read by a large audience, or even a small audience. You have to remember, it’s a great honour to have your writing read by anyone, because, when that person begins to read what you’ve written, they’re allowing you and your words to change them. As they read your writing, their brains are physically changing. It’s changing who they are. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Even if it’s on a level that’s barely recognisable, you’re changing someone’s personality, and in doing that you’re changing their life in some way. Those changes can be really small or they can be huge. You might give someone this massive insight into their life that makes them completely change and become an entirely new person, or they might miss the point and just be changed on some smaller level. But either way, the change happens.

So we can choose, when we’re writing , to write in a way that will positively effect people and give them a deeper awareness of themselves and a deeper understanding of life. Or we can write some kind of comedy sketch that gives them a laugh and helps them enjoy life. Or we could write complete shit and waffle, to confuse the crap out of people and send them into a depression. So it’s really important that we’re aware of how we effect the people that we write for. And being aware of that, I feel it’s very important that we do our absolute best to write the highest quality, most accurate, and beneficial information we can possibly offer to the world and to the people that read our blogs, articles, facebook posts, books, etc.

So that’s it. Be aware of what you’re writing. Take note of how it effects you. If you write something that inspires you and makes you feel good, then that’s what you should be writing. If it doesn’t inspire you or make you feel good, or you feel in doubt about it, then it’s not something you should be writing because it’s going to have that same affect on the people who read it.

Thanks for reading. It’s an honour to write for you 🙂 This post was transcribed from a conversation I had with myself. I do have some unusual, yet surprisingly informative conversations with myself 😛 I hope it had and is still having a positive impact on you.

Love ❤


When we begin to harness the feeling of gratitude, we become capable of changing the world around us.

When we experience an emotion, our brain releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides. For every emotion we have there’s a specific neuropeptide. So love, gratitude, anger, joy, resentment, are all represented by specific chemicals in the brain. When these chemicals are released from the brain, they travel through the blood stream and attach themselves to receptor sites located on cell walls throughout our body.

When a neuropeptide locks into a receptor, it changes the behaviour of the cell to fit with the emotion represented by that specific neuropeptide. This is why, when we experience an emotion, it’s not just a mental process, but rather, it’s experienced as a physical feeling in the body. So, for example, when you feel nervous you get a feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Or you get so scared that you go weak at the knees.

Relating this biological process to how we see the world, think of it like this. You perceive something in your outer environment. Let’s say it’s a shadow in the corner of your room. Based on how you perceive that shadow your brain will release chemicals that will create a reaction in your body. So in this case, let’s say seeing the shadow makes you feel scared because you think it might be a burglar that has broken into your house. Your brain releases fear neuropeptides, which lock into receptor sites in your cells. Your body then reacts by generating physical symptoms associated with fear.

Emotional Feedback Loop

Once your body reacts in a specific way, it sends messages back to your brain saying, I’m afraid, which enhances the initial response of fear. So we now have a feedback loop between the brain and body, which is very difficult to break. This applies to all emotional reactions.

How does this relate to positively changing the world around us? Well, reality responds to the way we perceive it. That’s to say, if I see the world as a happy place, my experience of life will be a happy one, just as if I perceive the world as a sad place, my experience will be a sad one. So by changing our perception, we change our experience, and this is where gratitude comes into the equation.

Most of us experience gratitude as the effect of something positive happening to us, and this is perfectly fine, however, if we only experience gratitude in this way, we’re missing out on a powerful tool that could transform our lives. What if, instead of experiencing gratitude as an effect, we experienced it as a cause? What would happen then?

So let’s say we want to have a really amazing, happy, fun-filled day tomorrow. To make this a reality, we imagine the gratitude we would experience in response to having such a day. You can try this for yourself right now. Imagine that you’ve just had the happiest, most fun-filled day of your life. Now try to generate a feeling of immense gratitude for that experience. What do you think is happening in your body right now? Your brain has released gratitude neuropeptides. In response, your body is beginning to experience gratitude. Now a positive feedback loop is being generated between your brain and body, enhancing your feelings of gratitude, which in turn, changes your perception of the world around you.

In effect, you’ve turned your body into a kind a magnet, designed to draw positive experiences into your life. We can use this powerful tool in every aspect of our lives.

Gratitude is the key to creating positive change.

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