To be a Bhakti Yogi is to be utterly in love with life itself.

Drunken Krishna plays the drums

A few weeks ago I passed a Krishna devotee on the street. As I passed him I noticed a natural and completely subconsciously occurring smile creep onto my face. Then I looked around and noticed everyone else passing him had that same warm smile on their faces too. That was a nice experience but what was even nicer was watching what happened when a drunk guy walked over and started playing on the devotee’s drum.

Instead of walking away or getting angry and pushing the drunk guy to the side, the Krishna devotee allowed him to use his drum (which sounded awful, I might add), and as the drunk guy began to play, the Krishna devotee changed the rhythm of his singing to match the new dodgy drum beat. After a few minutes they both ended up laughing and having a great time, as did the crowd that gathered to watch 🙂


It was only later when I reflected on what Bhakti yoga was that I understood what happend that day. The Bhakti yogi is in a constant state of meditation. His mind flows towards the object of his devotion like a river towards an ocean.

For the realised devotee, playing that drum and singing with the drunk guy was like playing and singing with Krishna himself, because the true Bhakti yogi sees his beloved in everyone and in everything.

The Yogi Science of Bhakti

In Bhakti Yoga the idea is to find a thing (an object, person, deity, guru, concept) that you feel infinite love towards, and to focus your love and devotion on that thing for every waking moment. Every thought, word, and action reminds the yogi of the object of his devotion. For example, you may be a follower of Krishna (although you don’t have to be a follower of anyone, Krishna is just an example). You focus your mind on Krishna no matter what you are doing. If you’re singing a song, you imagine you’re singing to krishna. You imagine that the song is Krishna. If you’re eating, you imagine that the food is Krishna. As you breathe, you imagine billions of particles (at the centre of each is krishna) flowing in and out of your lungs.

When the Bhakta feels intense love and devotion towards his chosen object, and he thinks of that object every moment of the day, he becomes infused with the emotions he feels towards it. His mind becomes focused and one pointed until it merges with the object of his attention. Bhakti is indeed a fast-track path to achieving yoga, if you’re so inclined.

Have a look at this previous post on meditation see just how this works.

Adding more Bhakti yogins to the world can only make everyone’s life better 🙂

To finish the title of the post. Put a little love in your heart, and the world will be a better place…. 😉