Actually you’re not what you think. It’s probably more accurate to say you’re the observer of your thoughts. It’s a bit of a philosophical round-a-bout. And as much as like round-a-bouts, they make me dizzy when I stay on them for too long. So let me get off this round-a-bout and tell you a story, or my version of a story I once read, that illustrates the title of this post quite nicely.

The story is of a Zen master and a student monk. The monk was having trouble meditating, in fact he was having trouble even concentrating which, as you can imagine, naturally frustrated him. The Zen master, seeing the monk’s frustration, asked him what was the matter, to which the monk replied, “I can’t meditate, my mind won’t stay focused on one object.”

After taking a moment to think about the monk’s problem, the Master asked, “what do you like?”

“The Buffalo,” the monk replied. “I like to watch the Buffalo in the meadow.”

After hearing his answer the Master instructed the monk to go to his meditation room and meditate on the Buffalo. Then the Master left and carried on with his own practices.

On returning to the monk’s meditation room, the Master was surprised to see the monk completely absorbed in deep meditation. When he woke the Monk and asked how long he had been sitting there for, the monk replied “since you left me three days ago.”

The Master told the monk he could end his meditation practice now and leave the room to get some food and water, but when the monk approached the door he told his master he was unable to leave. When the master asked him why, the monk said “I can’t fit through the door, my horns are too big.”

 The monk became so absorbed in his thoughts of the Buffalo that he became the Buffalo. Or to get back onto the round-a-bout, if the monk is the observer, and the observer, while conscious, identifies itself as the flow of thoughts that we call the mind, then what the mind focuses on is what the monk experiences himself as.

As long as you’re conscious and observing then you are what you think. So think happy thoughts 😉